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A Luxury Stay at Hotel La Maison Favart in Paris

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My trip to Paris was made complete by a luxury stay at La Maison Favart. Located in the upscale 2nd arrondissement, this elegant boutique hotel was a welcome sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of city life. Steeped in fascinating history, an appreciation of its origins made my stay all the richer.

Here’s an inside look into the memorable experience my husband and I enjoyed at La Maison Favart.

Hotel History

Although this elegant and refined 39-bedroom property includes beautiful contemporary touches, its traditional charm actually stems from a fascinating history. Dating back to 1824, La Maison Favart is one of the oldest establishments remaining in Paris today.

It was named after the most famous couple in the history of Parisian theatre, Charles-Simon Favart and Justine Favart, who established the popularity of the Opéra-Comique in the 18th century. The colorful spirit of Monsieur Favart, a French dramatist, and Madame Favart, his actress/singer/dancer wife, could be felt throughout the property.


Located directly next to The Opéra-Comique in the 2nd arrondissement, La Maison Favart felt comfortably separate from overcrowded tourist hotspots, yet offered easy access to some major sites.

In front of the Opera Comique

In fact, hotel guests can conveniently access three subway lines and eight bus lines within a brief one-block radius.

The property is just a stone’s throw from the Opera Garnier and only a fifteen minute walk from the famous Louvre Museum, making it an ideal compromise for those looking for solitude without the feeling of isolation.

First Impressions

Upon entering, we were immediately greeted by a friendly staff member who generously offered us a fresh beverage and quickly assisted with our luggage. We enjoyed stimulating conversation and he made himself readily available to us should we have any questions about the hotel or the surrounding area.

Entranceway at La Maison Favart
Beautiful lobby at La Maison Favart
Lobby Decor at La Maison Favart
Lobby Decor at La Maison Favart
Flower arrangement in the lobby of La Maison Favart

After relaxing for a moment in the lobby and taking in the beautiful decor, we were offered a tour of the charming breakfast bar and honesty bar before being escorted to our room.

The Room

We were pleased to be shown to a very spacious room, something that can be difficult to come by in a Parisian hotel, boutique or otherwise.

La Maison Favart La Costumière Hotel Room
La Maison Favart La Costumière Room

Aptly named La Costumière to pay homage to actress Justine Favart, our street-facing room offered an unrivaled view of the famous Opéra-Comique.

With just one look out the gigantic window, it felt as though we were VIP guests, reclining in a spacious theater box with front-row seats to the show.

Beautiful view from hotel room at La Maison Favart

No detail was amiss in this room, from the velvet touches, to the towel heating rack, to the beautifully-branded soaps.

Towel Heating Rack at La Maison Favart
Branded soaps at La Maison Favart

I enjoyed one of the most relaxing showers of our trip in the beautifully-tiled modern bathroom.

Luxury bathroom at La Maison Favart

Amenities & Services

At La Maison Favart, hospitality is the focal point. A concierge service is available 24/7 so that guests may enjoy constant, personalized attention. In the evening, a lovely member of the staff came by to offer cookies, which lent a very homey touch.

My favorite amenity was, without a doubt, the plunge pool located in the well-being area.

Heated plunge pool at La Maison Favart

Devoted to bodily and spiritual well-being, this area offered a sanctuary of peace and relaxation. The entranceway leading up to the pool area is lined with relaxing LED candles, creating a comforting atmosphere.

In addition to the plunge pool, they also offer a sauna and fitness room for total body wellness.

The hotel also includes a cozy breakfast bar as well as an honesty bar, where guests may help themselves to wine or other refreshments throughout the day and simply record their names.

Breakfast Room at La Maison Favart
Relaxing in the beautiful breakfast room at La Maison Favart

The library lounge and garden room located just off of the main lobby offered a relaxing environment to unwind from city life, enjoy the company of others, or curl up with a good book.

Relaxing in the Library Lounge at La Maison Favart

If you’re looking to escape the chaos of city life and experience the solitude of a luxurious sanctuary in Paris, La Maison Favart is an ideal choice.

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My trip to Paris was made complete by a luxury stay at Hotel La Maison Favart. Here's a look at my experience at this beautiful 4-star boutique hotel.
A Luxury Stay at Hotel La Maison Favart

Thank you to La Maison Favart for hosting me during my stay in Paris. As always, all opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “A Luxury Stay at Hotel La Maison Favart in Paris

  1. What a lovely boutique hotels! When we travel to Europe, I’m always looking for boutique hotels like this one to stay in. This one is going on my Paris list.

    The architecture and the interior decor is so beautiful! If I ever get the chance of spending time in that wellness pool, you’ll never be able to get me out. Haha.

    Thank you so much for the honest review and beautiful pictures.

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