About Me

Hello there, I’m Elena, the founder of The Carry-On Chronicles. In 2017, I decided to trade the cubicle life for the carry-on one. But in reality, the travel life chose me.

It all started with Greece.

It may have been nothing more than a subconscious yearning at first, but my honeymoon brought to life my soul’s purpose. I knew that I needed more than just a vacation from time to time. I needed to make travel a lifestyle. I was already a writer by trade, but I spent my days dwindling away my talents in service of someone else’s dreams, never giving my own the attention they deserved. I knew there was so much beyond those confining office walls, but I didn’t know how to get it.

Thanks to a strange twist of fate after returning from my honeymoon, I lost my 9-5 gig and gained exactly what I needed – the time and freedom to reinvent my life. Less than one month later, The Carry-On Chronicles was born.

I hope that my blog will excite, inspire, and challenge you – all of the things that travel does for me. I always welcome your feedback and encourage you to join the conversation so that we can all grow into the best versions of ourselves.

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