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Travel Photography Essentials: The Travel Blog Camera & Accessories in My Bag

I often think of my travel blog camera less like a piece of equipment and more like a second limb. Wherever I wander, it’s always by my side.

Since I’m often asked what I shoot with, I thought I’d reveal the travel photography essentials in my bag of tricks.

I’ll be sharing everything I currently use as well as some important lessons I learned throughout my travel photography journey.

Travel Photography

15 Creative Ideas for a Magical Snow Photoshoot

Are you looking to make lasting memories and beat the winter blues with a snow photoshoot?

Let’s face it. Whether you love it or hate it, snowy weather can make for some really beautiful photography.

Plus, you don’t necessarily need to travel far and wide to take amazing photos. Provided there’s snow to work with, you can create some winter magic right in your own backyard.

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The Ultimate Gift Guide of Photoshoot Props for Travel & Lifestyle Bloggers

Photoshoot props make perfect presents for travel and lifestyle bloggers because they’re photogenic and practical.

First and foremost, props can drastically enhance a photo. They can help establish a mood, tell a story, and prevent posing awkwardness.

Then, in between photo sessions, props can stand in as attractive home décor or even become go-to accessories!

So whether you’re looking for a special gift for your favorite blogger or you’re looking to elevate your own photography with props, you’re in the right place.