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A Colorful Stay at Hotel Sacha in Paris

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When I first discovered Hotel Sacha online, my little actor heart was thumping with joy. A hotel designed to look like a black box theater? In Paris? Sign me up!

It was unique, it was imaginative, it was unlike anything I’d ever seen. I just had to experience it for myself. So, with my husband and a carry-on in tow, that’s exactly what I did.

Without further adieu, I’m pulling back the curtain on our colorful stay at the truly one-of-a-kind Hotel Sacha in Paris.

Act 1: Hotel Background

Lavishly decorated by architect Julie Gauthron, Hotel Sacha’s atmosphere is vivacious, stimulating, and filled with colorful details that inspire childlike curiosity.

Its theatrical décor pays homage to the artists from the Romantic movement, whose colorful spirit can be felt throughout the property.

Decor at Hotel Sacha

Act 2: Location

Nestled within Paris’s theatre district in the eccentric 9th arrondissement, the lively streets make the perfect backdrop for this atypical hotel property.

Exterior of Hotel Sacha

Just a ten-minute walk from the famous Moulin Rouge, a fifteen-minute walk from Galeries Lafayette, and a near twenty-minute walk to the stunning Opera Garnier, there was no shortage of eye candy in the hotel or its immediate surroundings.

Best of all, it was only a brief fifteen to twenty-minute trip (by subway and foot) to my favorite area in all of Paris, Montmartre.

Exploring Montmartre

Act 3: First Impressions

You know that buzz of excitement you feel just before the curtains go up at a live theater performance? That’s exactly how I felt the first time I set foot in Hotel Sacha.

Front lobby of Hotel Sacha

I was immediately struck by the vibrant red furniture and décor, particularly the crushed velvet theater-style seats.

Theater-style lobby seats at Hotel Sacha

At check-in, a super friendly and helpful staff member made us feel immediately comfortable. She was readily forthcoming about details of the hotel, offered us free access to coffee at any time, and availed herself to us should we need anything during our stay.

Act 4: The Room

This 50-room hotel property has rooms available in red, yellow, blue and green.

I was pleased to find that the theatrical décor from the lobby carried over to our room as well. A curtain hung by the bed and framed the windows, complete with a rope.

Bed at Hotel Sacha
Theatrical window curtain at Hotel Sacha

My absolute favorite part of our room was, without a doubt, our private balcony.

The balcony was wide enough to hold a table and two chairs and would have made for the quintessential Parisian breakfast setting (if it wasn’t January, of course).

A Colorful Stay at Hotel Sacha in Paris
Balcony at Hotel Sacha

Despite the chillier weather, I was so taken with it that I just had to take in the iconic residential street view, a special moment from the trip I won’t soon forget.

I also loved the fact that the hotel rewards guests for reusing their towels. On our second day, they left us two mini jars of jam for our eco-friendly choice.

Jam from Hotel Sacha

Grand Finale: Amenities

After our first night, my nose woke me up early the next morning letting me know it was time for breakfast.

Despite us rooming on the fifth (and top) floor of the property, the delicious smell of coffee and eggs wafted all the way up to us!

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the breakfast area.

Breakfast area at Hotel Sacha

It was stocked with board games and included a gargantuan espresso machine to be envied (which my coffee-loving husband cannot stop gushing about).

Breakfast at Hotel Sacha

The breakfast included a good variety of breads, eggs, meats, cheeses, yogurts, and cereals.

Enjoying breakfast at Hotel Sacha

After breakfast, we explored the sitting area with its fun vintage furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows leading out to the pretty enclosed gardens.

A Colorful Stay at Hotel Sacha in Paris

The entire ceiling was actually glass as well, which let in tons of beautiful natural light.

This would be the perfect place to enjoy a book or some stimulating conversation.

While the unconventional décor and style of this property may not be everyone’s cup of tea, as a creative person, I enjoyed and appreciated its charms.

If you’re looking for a fun, unconventional stay in the heart of the lively 9th arrondissement, Hotel Sacha will fit the (play)bill!

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A Colorful Stay at Hotel Sacha in Paris

Thank you to Hotel Sacha for hosting me during my stay in Paris. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. This looks like a fun little hotel I wouldn’t mind staying in. I would be exploring it just thinking I’d find something charming and cute around every corner. Love it.

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