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10 Ways Your First Solo Trip Will Change Your Life

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I’ll never forget the rush I felt as the plane taxied down the runway on my first solo trip.

Fixated on the window, my pupils dilated in wonderment as my heart thumped away eagerly inside my chest. 

 “This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”

Speaking those words aloud – just above a whisper – confirmed that this surreal moment was actually happening.

This was immediately followed by a stimulating breakout of pimply gooseflesh, a final confirmation of my reality.

Although the experience was completely new, there was an air of familiarity to it, like rekindling a beloved childhood sensation.

I knew in that very moment that I could never go back.

Of course I’d return home in the literal sense, but it wouldn’t be as the me from before. It would be as an alternate version of myself, one that operated at a higher frequency.

It’s a bit difficult to explain – even as a writer – but there’s just something about that first solo trip that does something to you. While words can only convey so much, I’m going to do my very best.

I hope this post lights a fire in you, inspiring you to take the leap into the unknown.

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee what your individual experience will be like, as it’s different for everyone.

What I can promise, however, is that after your first solo trip, you’ll never be the same.

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How Your First Solo Trip Will Change Your Life

1. You’ll Learn How to Rely Solely on Yourself

If you’re used to traveling with a significant other, family members, and/or in a group setting, planning your first solo trip might feel overwhelming.

That’s because traveling by yourself means everything you do (or don’t do) depends solely on you.

You can’t rely on a travel buddy to get you to the airport on time, confirm your hotel reservations, or wake you up in time for that sunrise shoot.

Instead, you’ll need to look out for your own well-being.

Fortunately, although this may sound intimidating, relying on yourself can actually be quite liberating.

wandering in Rethymno, Greece

This experience will teach you how to fend for yourself, think ahead, and trust yourself in a way you never have before.

It will also help you flex your planning muscles, if that’s not usually your strong suit.

The better you are at arranging itineraries and keeping track of when/where you’re going, the easier your first experience will be.

2. You’ll Experience a New Level of Freedom

The upside of relying on yourself is the incredible sense of freedom you’ll feel when you do. When you travel solo, you answer to no one.

As long as you’re not harming others and/or doing anything dangerous or illegal, the world is yours.

wandering in Lagos Old Town

Once you realize this, your whole trip will start to click into place.

Just imagine it.

You can wake up whenever you want, go where you want, take as many photos as you please, and eat wherever your heart desires. 

Meanwhile, no one will be there to complain, debate you, rush you, guilt you, or otherwise complicate things.

You’ll really just do you, no strings attached!

3. You’ll Master Navigation (Or at Least Improve Your Skills)

Admittedly, navigation has never been my strong suit. In fact, it was the number one fear I had before taking my first solo trip.

But you know what? I figured it out!

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✨Darling, let’s get beautifully lost✨ . One of my biggest fears of solo travel was getting lost. Navigation has never been one of my strong suits, so having to figure out a completely new city on my own on the fly was more than a little intimidating. . But can you guess what my favorite moments of my trip were? Getting lost. Finally making it to this beautiful spot on Petrin Hill was quite the adventure. I walked up an enormous switchback in this dress as cars whizzed past me at a distance that couldn’t have been more than a foot from my face. As I made my way up the hill, I learned to trust myself, built confidence, and tapped into a navigational side I never knew I had. Plus, by taking the long way, I stumbled upon some beautiful sights which became incredible photo opportunities that I never would have had by taking public transportation. By the time I finally reached this spot on Petrin Hill, I felt like I conquered a new planet. My creativity was at an all time high. I wanted to shoot every leaf and twig I came across. . Looking back now, I wouldn’t trade all the nervousness I felt for the chance to feel “safe.” I know now that an overabundance of “safe” is the enemy to personal growth. . Have you ever let yourself get beautifully lost? What did you discover along the way? . 📸: Me (tripod) . . . . . #prague #petrinhill #praguestagram #pragueworld #visitprague #sofetravel #solotraveling #whimsicalwonderfulwild #roamingwomen #wanderlustwednesday #athomeoutdoors #naturegramy #womenwhowander #wanderingwomen #theeverygirltravels #globelletravels #shetravels #theviewfromhere #prettylittletrips #wekeepmoments #shewhowanders #thedailyadventurer #travelgirls #speechlessplaces #visualwanderlust #liveforthestory #traveldreams #suitcasetravels #ladieslovetravel #huffposttravel

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Does this mean I made my way around without any difficulty?


In fact, I got lost several times while in Prague.

However, I’m glad I did because each experience improved my navigational skills – and boosted my confidence.

FUN FACT: Google navigation (offline maps) is a Godsend, particularly if maps aren’t your thing. You can actually navigate around even without WiFi or data!

So trust me when I say, if I could find my way around foreign cities, you can too!

4. You’ll Gain Newfound Confidence

Traveling solo is a huge confidence booster.

Personally, learning how to navigate around a new city was a biggie for me. Getting my bearings without any outside influence was one part “baptism by fire” and another part just getting out of my own way.

In addition, traveling by myself also made me much more confident taking my own photos.

Truthfully, I’m not a fan of asking random strangers to take my photo when I travel. Since pictures are a huge part of my work as a blogger/content creator, I don’t want to just “wing it” and hope for the best.

Besides, if you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I’m in all of my pictures, so having my trusty tripod with me is a must. 

Solo travel really put my tripod skills to the test, and I surprised myself by being up to the challenge.

In fact, I actually became so absorbed in setting up my shots that entire afternoons would slip by. Honestly, I sometimes wouldn’t have a clue what time it was until dusk fell and I was still shooting! 

Here are some of my favorite tripod shots that I captured during my solo adventures:

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I first discovered Nový Svět completely by accident, but what a happy accident it was! 🤩 . Nový Svět – or New World, as it’s known in English – was formerly the outskirts of Prague Castle. Once home to the city’s poorest class, this area became popular amongst artists and filmmakers after World War II. . Today, this neighborhood is commonly referred to as the Montmartre of Prague! This was such an unexpected delight to discover, especially considering that I had lost a good chunk of my Montmartre photos due to a hardrive error in Paris 🙈 . It’s chock full of cobblestone streets, picturesque cottages dating back to the Middle Ages, and even a charming coffee shop, Kavárna Nový Svět! . TIPS FOR VISITING NOVÝ SVĚT: . This area is very close to Prague Castle, so if the castle is already on your itinerary – which it definitely should be – be sure to pay Nový Svět a visit! . To Get Here: Stand with your back facing the Prague Castle entrance. Cross through Hradčanské Square and take Kanovnická Street a couple of blocks until hitting the street Novy Svet. . ✨Be sure to save this post so that you can pay this gem a visit when you’re in Prague!✨ . When was the last time you stumbled upon a charming gem on your travels? . 📸: Me (tripod) . . . . . #praguestagram #praguephoto #toppraguephoto #sofetravel #solotraveling #darlingplaces #thedarlingmovement #prettycity #postcardplaces #prettylittletrips #travelgirlsgo #thefairytalebloggers #journeysofgirls #travelmoments #femaletravelbloggers #travelinladies #travelcolorfully #prettylittleinspo #travelinbetween #tripotocommunity #globelletravels #femmetravel #explorerbabes #pinkflashesofdelight #huffposttravel #igersofficial #travelgirldiary #wheretofindme #speechlessplaces #girlsthatwander

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🌺”Bloom as if you want to make the whole world beautiful”🌺 -Debasish Mridha . Portugal has some of the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen on my travels (more proof that Lagos and Mykonos are siblings). Just about everywhere you turn here, there’s some insanely gorgeous gargantuan blossoms just blooming in your face. . Tips for Finding These 🌺: Although this spot may look like part of a street, it’s actually part of Praia Dona Ana, one of my favorite beaches in Lagos! Here’s the scoop on how to get here: If you enter from the “main” street (the one with vendor selling beachy goods and the casual food joint), you will be struck by the beauty of Praia Dona Ana. Once your pulse stops racing at the sight, you will notice a staircase to your right that leads down to the beach. That’s for later. . If you head left, you will find a couple of pretty white homes with orange rooftops. Right by those you will notice another staircase that’s much more enclosed than the main one. If you follow these steps up to the second level you will find this ridiculously beautiful flower porn. After you grab those IG-worthy shots, keep following these steps for what I consider one of the most stunning (and more secluded) views of this amazing beach. Save this post so you don’t miss this beautiful sight in Lagos!👇🏻 . 📸: Me (tripod) . . . . . #prettylittletrips #weshareportugal #portugal_gems #portugallovers #postcardfromtheworld #travelgirlsgo #traveldreamseekers #portugal_vision #portugalagramas #babeswhowander #travelcolorfully #darlingplaces #lagosportugal #discovernewplaces #shetravelz #pinkflashesofdelight #seeingthepretty #thefairytalebloggers #portugal_passion #inspiringwanderers #journeysofgirls #sofetravel #femmetraveler #solotravelgirl #girlstraveltale #wanderlustgirl #bestofeurope #dreamylittleplaces #girlsborntravel #fairytaletown

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5. You’ll Learn How to Get Yourself Out of Sticky Situations

Traveling by yourself is also a great way to sharpen your problem-solving skills.

standing on a yellow staircase in Lagos, Portugal

Here are just a handful of challenges I encountered on my solo trips:

  • Confusing streets
  • Sketchy areas
  • Foreign airports with confusing signage
  • Uncomfortable carry-on luggage confrontations
  • Communication barriers
  • Camera setting difficulties

However, I managed to work my way through each obstacle on my own because there was no other option.

And guess what? You will too!

6. You’ll Savor Experiences in a Totally New Way

I always try to meet my partner’s needs when I have a travel companion with me.

For instance, I’ll often let the other person pick a restaurant or dictate how long we stay somewhere based on their energy.

Unfortunately, this often means experiences are cut short, if not altogether lost.

When solo traveling, on the other hand, I tend to live in the moment and absorb my surroundings so much more.

Praia Dona Ana beach in Lagos, Portugal

Since you get to dictate each experience, you can truly enjoy things to the fullest, whether it’s strolling along the beach for hours or slowly savoring a delicious meal.

You may even look at beautiful sights you’ve seen before in a totally new light. This happened to me – quite literally – as I watched the sunrise in Lagos, Portugal.

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“If I should capture the most beautiful sunrise, only then, will I stop capturing them.” . Seeing my first solo sunrise in Portugal is something I will never forget. In a world where we’re always trying to please and do for others, I think it’s so important to keep some moments just for you. In fact, I’ve found myself pulling back from sharing dozens of Stories a day and capturing every moment on camera in favor of experiencing them fully. . To be honest, my trip to Portugal was supposed to be a vacation after hiking the Camino – something I haven't experienced since becoming a travel blogger and starting this account. Reason being, there’s always this invisible pressure to document every minute and be “on.” It’s something I’ve been struggling with A LOT recently, particularly in regards to how it relates to my personal life. While this platform requires so much of me, I’ve learned that I need to spread myself out amongst many platforms/personal things to feel fulfilled. And that means sometimes enjoying moments that are just for me. . I’m truly happy to say that this sunrise was something I enjoyed just for me. Yes, I did happen to capture a shot just as it was coming up to share with you all, but I will never forget that first moment I glimpsed it across the water at the edge of Old Town Lagos. It was big and fiery red like a giant flaming grapefruit bursting through the sky. I was in awe. Even though I woke up at 5:30 AM to shoot before the crowds (while on "vacation"), I’m glad I did because I would have missed such a beautiful sight. So now, I share this photo with all of you, but I keep that first moment for myself. . When was the last time you enjoyed something just for you? . 📸: Me (tripod) . . . . . #sunriselovers #speechlessplaces #shetravels #postcardplaces #portugallovers #weshareportugal #portugal_gems #postcardfromtheworld #getlostclub #travelgirlsgo #portugal_vision #travelcolorfully #babeswhowander #lagosportugal #darlingplaces #travelcolorfully #wandergirl #babeswhowander #girlsthattravel #womenwhowander #inspiringwanderers #journeysofgirls #sofetravel #inspiredtravel #solotravelgirl #girlstraveltale #wanderlustgirl #dreamylittleplaces

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Instead of rushing through the moment, I stood and stared, admiring the beauty.

7. You’ll Learn How to Set Your Own Pace

When you solo travel, time is yours to spend how you wish. In fact, time seems to slow down when you don’t have reservations or other obligations to constantly rush off to.

Instead, you can decide how quickly (or slowly) you want to wake up and divide up your time however you see fit throughout the day.

If a plan falls through, you can quickly shift gears and rearrange your schedule on the fly without disrupting someone else’s plans.

Or, if you prefer, you can operate without a schedule whatsoever. Your trip really is yours to design.

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✨Quiet, reflective moments alone: the solo wanderer’s greatest gift✨ . One of my favorite things about solo travel is the freedom that comes with it. Get up and go as you please, answer to no one, change plans on the fly, and do whatever moves you. For a classic Type-A planner like myself, solo travel surprisingly made me a more spontaneous traveler. If a plan fell through, I was quick to find an alternative and content to go where the wind blew me. I uncovered many hidden gems (like this one) traveling this way and it was one of the most fulfilling adventures I’ve had yet. . I’ll be sharing much more about my solo experience – and recommendations for your solitary adventures – on my blog in the coming weeks. For now, I’ll just say I highly recommend a visit to Petrin Hill if you’re solo tripping (or otherwise) in Prague. It’s the perfect place to escape the tourist crowds, be alone with your thoughts, and get truly inspired by nature. Plus, the views ain’t too shabby, either, amiright? . Have you ever traveled solo? If so, did you enjoy it? If not, what would you like to know? . Side Note: I’m finally out of Insta Jail after my 24-hour commenting ban 🙏 That said, I will be engaging a bit slower than normal so I don’t risk going back in. Will catch up with all of your lovely shots as quickly as I can 😊 . 📸: Me (tripod) . . . . . #europe_vacations #girlsborntotravel #girlswhotravel #toppraguephoto #praguestagram #visitprague #solofemaletraveler #sofetravel #solotravels #prettycity #theviewfromhere #travelcolorfully #huffposttravel #igersofficial #explorerbabes #shetravelz #journeysofgirls #travelwithlove #speechlessplaces #shetravels #travelinladies #traveldreamseekers #travelgirlsgo #thefairytalebloggers #globelletravels #darlingplaces #pinktrotters #shewanders #shewhowanders #theeverygirltravels

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8. You’ll Meet People You Otherwise Wouldn’t Have

Before my first solo trip, every blog I read said that traveling alone is a great way to meet new people.

Admittedly, I was skeptical, but I can honestly say it’s true. Traveling solo is a natural segue for conversations with other travelers.

When you’re traveling with a friend, family member, or partner, you’re probably not super likely to strike up a conversation with a total stranger.

However, when you’re on your own, people feel more comfortable approaching and engaging with you (and vice versa).

For instance, while touring Prague Castle, I naturally struck up a conversation with a couple from Ireland who was also on the tour. I told them about my blog and learned all about their daughter from back home!

Then, while eating my final dinner in Prague, I sat next to a father and a son from Sweden, and we ended up chatting throughout the entire meal.

In addition to organically conversing with other travelers, traveling solo is also a great opportunity to meet fellow content creators.

While in Prague, I met up with my first Instagram friend in real life!

View this post on Instagram

Thing number 17,651 I love about solo travel – the incredible people you meet along the way! Thanks to the amazing connections I’ve made through this platform, I had the pleasure of meeting with my first Insta pal in real life, @veronicasblondediary! As soon as I announced I was traveling to Prague, she graciously reached out and offered to meet up/show me around/help in any way I needed. As crazy as Instagram can make me sometimes, I have to say that connecting & collaborating are the best aspects of this online world! . Meeting an Insta friend IRL was actually one of my big goals for 2019. Despite how outgoing I am, it’s something I was actually a bit nervous about. (Will they like me? Will we jive? Will we have the same shooting style?) Well, I’m SO glad I did, because it was super refreshing to meet up with a fellow travel lover face-to-face (instead of behind a screen) for a change and discuss our dream places. Plus, I learned some fun things about this incredible city along the way 🤩 . After a successful morning of shooting content, we enjoyed a delicious French breakfast at the stunning Municipal House, the building you see behind me. (Leave it to me to seek out French cuisine everywhere I go 🥐👀)…and we may or may not have had strudel-filled trdelník afterwards 😋🙈 . Have you ever met up with an Insta friend IRL? If not, I highly encourage you to take the leap! . 📸: @veronicasblondediary . . . . . #sheexplores #globelletravels #traveltagged #alwaysgo #travelgirls #travelinladies #traveldreamseekers #travelgirlsgo #prettycity #girlsvsglobe #girltraveler #letsflyawayto #exploringeurope #passportable #pinktrotters #travelwithlove #babeswhowander #thefairytalebloggers #solofemaletraveler #travelcolorfully #travelingchicas #femmetraveler #toppraguephoto #travelingchicas #sofetravel #lovelettertoeurope #solowomentravel #travelinggirls #praguelove #pasteltravels

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Veronica lives in Prague, so she was happy to show me around the most iconic Instagram spots as well as reveal some hidden city gems.

She also knew all of the best spots to get trdelník! (Yum!)

There’s nothing like meeting up with a local to get the scoop on all the best locations.

I highly recommend reaching out to friends via Instagram who live in your chosen destination and arranging a time to meet up. This is a great way to create content, exchange ideas, and get to know a destination on a deeper level.

PRO TIP: Meet up in a public place (like a coffee shop), just to be on the safe side.

9. You’ll Meet Yourself

In addition to meeting new people, solo travel is also an opportunity to dig deeper and uncover your true “travel personality.”

It can also challenge your own limiting beliefs about who you are.

taking tripod photography in Lagos, Portugal

For instance, I discovered a different side of myself on my first solo trip. I was more carefree, spontaneous, and self-sufficient.

Previously, I’d considered myself to be “Type A” – always painstakingly planning and overthinking – but my trip to Prague challenged this belief.

After getting lost one evening and missing a walking tour, I found myself on a tourist trolley just moments after. The trolley was preparing to leave in five minutes and I made a split-second decision to hop on without questioning it.

If you know me, you’ll know this is very out of character. As someone who overanalyzes every decision, this was refreshingly spontaneous.

In fact, it’s rare for me to make a decision without obsessing over all of the different outcomes first to assure I’m not “missing out” on the best one.

Or, perhaps that was just a self-imposed narrative that I simply repeated mindlessly.

Either way, there was no one to question me, confirm whether or not it was “best” to hop on that trolley, or try to stop me.

All I know is, as it clattered down the street and the wind whipped through my hair, a huge grin spread across my face.

Turns out, it’s totally okay to make decisions off the cuff and have a really great time! (Who knew?)

I was also really surprised how easily I opened up to new people. Truthfully, I didn’t imagine I’d speak to anyone outside of my friend or hotel/restaurant staff.

However, I proved myself wrong once again, and I’m sure you will, too!

10. You’ll Have an Insatiable Desire to Do it Again

As you’ve probably gathered, once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, you’re basically “ruined” for life.

Well, once you take your first solo trip and get a taste of freedom, you’ll be hooked.

Solo travel enables you to get into a comfortable rhythm with yourself, similar to being single for an extended period of time.

You’ll come to realize that you don’t need a travel companion to be happy and that travel satisfaction comes from within. It’s an amazing feeling!

fountain at Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum in the Bronx

Additionally, you’ll likely be more selective about who you do travel with after this life-changing experience.

As Ernest Hemingway wisely said: “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.”

Challenges inevitably arise whenever you travel, so adventuring with someone you genuinely care about means you’ll work through the tougher situations.

Side Note: If you do ever find your constant travel companion – shout out to the hubby – don’t let that person go!

You may also find you have a much lower tolerance for unnecessary trip drama once you go it alone.

However, this can be a great way to eliminate excess baggage (literally and figuratively) for much more satisfying experiences in the future.

After two incredible solo adventures, I genuinely believe that everyone should travel alone at least once. It’s hard to explain just how special it is until you experience it for yourself.

In fact, your biggest regret will probably be not taking the leap sooner!

Have you ever traveled by yourself? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience.

If not, are you considering taking your first solo trip? What fears/doubts/questions do you have? Let me know in the comments below; I’m always happy to help!

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66 thoughts on “10 Ways Your First Solo Trip Will Change Your Life

  1. This is an amazing article Elena! I’m so happy I started solo traveling a year and a half ago. It really did change my life and it’s so nice not having to rely on anyone to take the trips of my dreams. I also love looking back on your past travel photos. So dreamy and beautiful! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Taylor! I completely agree that it’s AMAZING not having to wait around to travel for the right time/person. I’m so glad you’ve been able to enjoy so many amazing solo experiences; you’ve been a huge inspiration for me!

  2. Such an inspirational post! I think I’ll have to garner the courage to travel solo in the future. We’re required to self-quarantine in Canada on return from travel (for the foreseeable future). My husband can’t with his job, but I probably could! I can’t let the idea of solo travelling stop me. This is exactly what I needed to read! 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah, I’m so glad that I could provide some inspiration for you! I really hope you will take the plunge when it’s safe to do so; it really is an incredible experience! Wishing you luck with the quarantine situation!

  3. This is all so very true. I’ll never forget my first solo trip or the feeling of freedom (along with fear). But I still love traveling solo. I don’t know if I agree about the navigation. I still regularly get lost, but unlike traveling with someone else at least I don’t end up in an argument about it 🙂

    1. Haha, fair enough! I still need to work on my navigational skills as well, but I definitely improved from having to figure things out for myself! I still love traveling solo too, and I think I always will!

  4. Such a great article. I have been a solo traveler for 2+ years now, and it has been the most empowering experience! I really hope every woman does it once in life… and your blog provides some amazing tips.

  5. This is very inspirational Elena. Though I am not a solo traveler and don’t think I can do it as I just can’t eat alone and need someone to talk to. I still feel sometimes to go on solo travel, if you know what I mean. I am very scared of sketchy places and situations too. May be someday I will be able to do it.

  6. This is an amazing blog post! 🙂 I can relate to all the things you have mentioned. I was very nervous before doing my solo trip, but once I did it, I felt so good. I gained confidence and did things I thought I wouldn’t be able to do myself before. At the same time, I agree with the fact that you have all the time you desire to take pictures and spend time in places you like. That is actually one of my favourite things about travelling solo! I don’t like rushing.

  7. Thank you for this post, this is so true and an amazing inspiration. I have been traveling solo and I came from being a very shy person, to have much better confidence in myself. Your pictures are incredible too!

  8. I just love this. How inspiring. Most women done realize what they are missing out on. You don’t need someone to travel with you or else you will miss out on so much. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. I loved loved loved reading this post! It made me think back about my first solo trip to Rome three years ago and it helped me grow so much. My navigation skills definitely improved since then because I got completely lost in Rome and I swore to myself I don’t wanna experience that again 😀

  10. These are great tips! I agree solo travelling can be daunting, but it gives you such freedom and opens up so many opportunities and adventures!

  11. Having done some solo travel myself I can Definitely say solo travel changed my life in these ways too! There’s nothing quite like it! Once you get over the fear and do your first one, you’ll be planning your next solo trip in no time! Once you go solo you never go back lol

  12. Yes! I have literally experienced every one of these. The freedom is definitely a big part of what keeps me traveling solo again and again 🙂

  13. This is a great article. I really enjoy solo travel, I was so nervous and unsure the first time I did it but it is well worth it. There is something freeing about travelling alone. Loved this list!

  14. I have travelled all my life thanks to my dad who worked for an airline so I had many family holidays travelling around the world. But it wasn’t until I went on my first solo trip that I came into my own and really discovered myself. Thanks for the reminder of those feelings.

  15. This is such an amazing post! I totally agree that the first time travelling solo definitely feels like the coolest thing you have ever done! I love travelling alone for all of these reasons too 🙂

  16. I’ve learned so much about myself from my solo travels and there is no better way to meet new people! Somehow, people just feel the need to talk to you when they see a solo traveler and as a solo traveler, you are always more friendly and seem more approachable to others as well. I think everyone needs at least one solo travel adventure in their life!

  17. Traveling solo is a huge undertaking. I don’t think many people realise how awkward it is to fend for yourself in difficult circumstances. Travel alone changes one’s life but solo travel even more so. You go girl! Well done!!

  18. I never thought of reaching out to other instagrammers to meet irl! Fab idea which I am going to use. I have travelled alone a few times in Central and South America and just got bored of eating alone.

  19. Great post! I haven’t had much chance to travel solo, but the short trips that I have made have been wonderful. While there are pros and cons for solo travel and traveling with others, the freedom to choose exactly what I want to do without having to take into account someone else’s preferences would be a dream come true. My problem is that my husband loves to travel too, so I always feel bad leaving him behind. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  20. Love the post and the pictures! I have done my part of solo travelling, not a lot, but I savour every bit of it. Absolutely enjoyed the freedom it gave me, the “let-go” feel, especially after being the first time mother to twins! Certainly want to do it more often!

  21. Reading this makes me really want to take another solo trip. Traveling solo totally changed my life and I completely agree with everything you’ve written here, especially the last one. I always want to do it again!

  22. Lovely post! I totally agree, especially with learning to rely on yourself!
    Its so empowering for a woman and torLly changes your view on life in general!

  23. This makes me want to solo travel so bad! I kind of solo traveled once to go to a conference in Boston, but I knew I would be meeting up with friends I made on insta lol. I would like to do a big trip like you one day =)

  24. Your pictures are GORGEOUS as always! And such a well-written post that 🙂 I haven’t had much of a chance for solo travel but definitely want to make that a priority in the next few years!

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