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The Ultimate Gift Guide of Photoshoot Props for Travel & Lifestyle Bloggers

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Last Updated on December 18, 2020 by epapp

Photoshoot props make perfect presents for travel and lifestyle bloggers because they’re photogenic and practical.

First and foremost, props can drastically enhance a photo. They can help establish a mood, tell a story, and prevent posing awkwardness.

Then, in between photo sessions, props can stand in as attractive home décor or even become go-to accessories!

So whether you’re looking for a special gift for your favorite blogger or you’re looking to elevate your own photography with props, you’re in the right place.

Here are the quintessential photoshoot props bloggers will love!

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ultimate photoshoot prop gift guide

The Quintessential Photoshoot Props for Bloggers

1. Picnic Basket

Picnics are a blogger’s bread and butter (literally)!

In addition to being an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, they also make for some really captivating content.

Obviously, no picnic is complete without the star of the show: the picnic basket!

These containers are not only practical, but they can be styled in a variety of ways to suit the mood and season.

pretty picnic basket set-up
pretty picnic basket open on blanket

Picnic baskets with pretty patterned interiors are an ideal choice, as they can be displayed prominently.

Baskets are typically available with either two or four place settings, depending on the number of picnic-goers.

2. Picnic Blanket

A picnic blanket keeps the festivities clean and allows for more comfortable seating.

It also adds color to the surrounding scenery and helps define the picnic area, making it easier to compose the shots.

Blankets are available in a variety of patterns, colors, and textures, and many are made of waterproof material to repel moisture. No soggy sandwiches here!

3. Chunky Knit Blanket

Speaking of blankets, the chunky knit variety is one of the best styles to photograph.

These thick, textured blankets attract immediate attention with their beautiful weave pattern.

Ideal for interior lifestyle shots, these cozy throws can also be incorporated into an outdoor setting, such as a fun glamping experience.

Plus, they’re always comfy to cuddle up with once the shoot is over!

4. Textured Pillow

Textured pillows are another way to add visual interest while making the shooting environment super comfy.

Opt for one cohesive style or mix it up with a couple of different textures, such as cable-knit fabric and faux fur.

outdoor fun with throw pillows

In between shoots, these pillows can dress up your furnishings in the living room or bedroom!

5. Wicker Basket

Beautiful braided wicker baskets come in handy for a variety of settings, from picnics, to apple orchards, to gardens, and more.

They’re perfect for storage and they can be held by the handle(s) to prevent restless hands!

PRO TIP: Wicker baskets look extra photogenic when dressed up with colorful ribbons!

6. Bike Basket

If you or your blogger friend has a bicycle, an attachable bike basket is the perfect add-on accessory.

These baskets add a touch of rustic charm and can hold everything from flowers, to tasty treats, to furry friends!

bicycle with flower bike basket

Plus, you can also detach them and use them for additional storage as needed.

7. Tea Set

There’s nothing like a proper tea time to make one feel like royalty.

Besides, who doesn’t love a good tea party?

An elegant tea set is a reminder that life is worth celebrating. These special sets add a soft, feminine touch to any occasion.

tea time

In addition, tea sets come in handy on countless events, from birthdays, to milestone celebrations, to relaxing evenings at home.

8. Three-Tiered Tray

What’s a tea party without a three-tiered tray?

These beautiful centerpieces are perfect for any photoshoot featuring tasty treats.

From tea parties to picnics, artfully display delicate culinary creations whether the action is indoors or outside.

9. Serving Tray

Serving trays are a must if a shoot involves a lot of food.

Simply select an appropriate style for the event and displaying goodies will be a breeze!

10. Flower Vase

I have yet to meet a content creator who doesn’t love flowers.

Even a simple floral arrangement can take a photo from average to amazing, infusing it with color and beauty.

That said, arranging flowers is often an afterthought.

Fortunately, having a vase on hand helps eliminate this problem, ensuring fresh flowers get the nutrients they need in between shooting locations.

Plus, a vase is a necessity in the home, whether it’s time to bring in fresh-cut beauties from the garden or a special celebration is coming up.

11. Decorative Lantern

A decorative lantern is one of my favorite accent pieces (and yes, I still prominently display the lanterns from my wedding in my living room).

These portable light sources make gorgeous photoshoot props and offer so much versatility.

Place a candle inside, fill them with flowers,  illuminate them with string lights, the sky’s the limit!

12. Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are typically the best candle choice when it comes to lanterns, in terms of their size.

Choose from wax ones for a more traditional look or the flameless LED variety for a longer lifespan.

Also, be sure to check the lantern specs in advance, to ensure a proper fit.

13. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are another beautiful way to illuminate photos.

As the name suggests, fairy lights add a magical touch and a literal sparkle.

They’re also super inexpensive!

Insert them in a lantern, fold them into a glass jar, or arrange them in a flat lay and spark some creativity!

14. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera

There’s just something about a picture of someone taking a picture that’s instantly engaging.

And when it comes to oh-so-Instagrammable cameras, there’s nothing cuter than a Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera!

These gems are available in perfect pastel colors for those dreamy spring and summer shots.

Plus, not only do they look gorgeous in photos, but they also take instant pictures themselves! They’re perfect for creating photo collages or adding a vintage-inspired flair to your photography.

15. Vintage Film Camera

When it comes to vintage finds, nothing can compare to an old-fashioned film camera.

Film cameras serve as great storytelling tools, transporting viewers to another era.

They’re perfect for creating that elusive film noir quality and will serve as the star of any travel-themed flat lay photo.

16. Vintage Radio

A vintage radio is also perfect for conjuring up nostalgia for a bygone age.

These props are as functional as they are cute.

Plus, despite their old-world charm, they’re suitable for the modern age with convenient blue tooth capabilities.

They also make unique accent pieces, adding that special touch to bedrooms, sitting rooms, and living rooms.

17. Vintage Telephone

What better way to dial in to the past than with an adorable vintage telephone?

Choose from a rotary dial style or the push-button variety and inspire appreciation for a simpler time.

18. Clear Umbrella

The unfortunate reality of being a blogger/content creator is that sometimes it will rain on your parade…

…Fortunately, a little bit of rain won’t derail a shoot when you’re prepared!

A clear umbrella is one of those photoshoot props that isn’t top of mind until you’re staring down a soggy forecast!

The beauty of these transparent coverings is that they’ll provide adequate protection without obstructing the surrounding scenery.

In fact, they’re not only practical, but they can add visual interest as well.

19. Vintage Parasol

While a clear umbrella is a practical solution for wet conditions, a vintage parasol is perfect for adding a fashionable flair. Not to mention, they can also come in handy for blocking the sun.

Popular at formal events like weddings, these gorgeous coverings add instant beauty to any photo.

Choose from a delicate lace design or a lace trim option for that feminine touch.

Wearable Photoshoot Props & Accessories

Did you know that many of the items you put on in everyday life can serve as perfect photoshoot props?

In fact, some of my favorite wearable shoot pieces have become staples in my wardrobe!

Here are a blogger’s must-have wearable props as well as some additional items to turn things up a notch!

20. Rattan/Straw/Bamboo Bag

Bags are perfect for when posing doesn’t come naturally and the hands need a task!

Plus, they can be filled with makeup, a hairbrush, and any other shoot items that are necessary to have on-hand. 

Rattan, straw, and bamboo were made for spring and summer fashion.

cute rattan summer bag

Plus, these lightweight materials are easy to transport and won’t take up too much space in a suitcase, for example.

21. Straw/Braided Sun Hat

Hats are practically mandatory on Instagram and they’re definitely one of my go-to photoshoot props!

Here are some undeniable hat plusses:

  • They add instant drama, especially when shot from behind
  • They’re lifesavers on bad hair days
  • They make wind more bearable (just hold on tight!)
  • They provide skin protection on sunny days and warmth on the frigid ones

Straw sun hats, in particular, are a staple for summery looks.

dreamy sunhat shot in the summer
woman wearing sunhat and watching sunset

22. Felt Hat

When temperatures drop, bloggers stow away the straw and trade it in for the cold season material of choice: felt.

Felt hats add a bit of texture and are especially stunning for landscape photography.

A neutral hat coordinates with everything and will quickly become your go-to accessory, trust me!

felt hat in The Berkshires
felt hat at storybook cottage

23. Beret

As someone who’s constantly dreaming of returning to Europe, berets have become a favorite in my winter wardrobe.

Between neutrals, prints, and bejeweled options, there’s a beret to suit every beauty.

24. Pom-Pom Beanie

When harsh winter winds and snow are in the forecast, it’s time to pull out the trusty pom-pom beanies!

These cozy skull caps are not only great for preventing heat from escaping the body, but they make for adorable snow day shots.

Choose from a single pom-pom or the double alternative for a cute teddy-bear-inspired look!

pom-pom beanie for autumn

25. Hair Bow

While hats are ideal for concealing the hair, sometimes you want to show it off!

Hair accessories – although small – add a little extra something to take photos from good to great.

For instance, hair bows add a touch of femininity and help create a look of classic timelessness.

pretty blue hair ribbon
pretty blue hair ribbon for barn shoot

26. Headband

Headbands can lend more of a modern feel and are super practical for keeping hair out of the face!

wearing a headband for a fall shoot

27. Flower Crown

When fresh-cut flower crowns aren’t a viable option, artificial ones can really come in handy.

Plus, unlike their natural alternative, artificial flower crowns travel well, too!

These delicate head pieces are perfect for shooting gardens and flower fields and help achieve a dreamy bohemian look.

28. Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Turn up the summer fun with funky sunglasses!

Heart-shaped sunglasses will add playfulness and a youthful quality to any photo.

They’re also super eye-catching and can really help make a location pop!

29. Long/Oversized Scarf

I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many scarves.

(Or hats. Or boots. But I digress.)

Scarves make the perfect winter photoshoot props, as they’re so versatile.

One of my favorite hacks for making a relatively ordinary location look more interesting is to create movement with a scarf.

scarf movement shot

The scarf length is important, particularly if you want to make it “dance.”

Longer scarf = easier to create movement = happier photographer and subject

30. Retro Roller Skates

While staple accessories will undoubtedly get plenty of wardrobe mileage, sometimes you need to think outside the blogger box…

…And what better way to create something unexpected than with some retro roller skates?

Although I’m still itching to snag a pair myself, I’m willing to bet that photoshoots are way more fun on wheels!

I hope this guide of quintessential photoshoot props has given you plenty of gifting inspiration – or the motivation to take your own photography to the next level!

Now tell me: What will you be gifting the special blogger in your life? Or will you be snagging any of these picture-perfect props for yourself?

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  1. This is such an amazing gift guide Elena! I love all of these ideas, especially the old fashion radios. So cute and creative! I need to do more picnics in 2021. 🙂

  2. Such great ideas!! I was actually talking to my husband recently about wanting a land line phone in case some emergency comes up and I can’t find my cell phone or it’s dead- and now I am more into this idea knowing I can get a cool vintage/retro looking one, and on Amazon! PS I LOVE THOSE BLANKETS

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