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Top Prague Instagram Spots: Hidden Gems

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While Prague is filled with iconic photo spots, this city has so much to offer beyond the typical tourist traps. In fact, I’m about to prove that lesser known (but equally gorgeous) Prague Instagram spots are waiting around every corner.

If you’re looking for photo opportunities beyond the obvious, follow me off the beaten path to discover Prague’s most beautiful hidden gems.

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Top Prague Instagram Spots: Hidden Gems

Hidden Prague Instagram Spots

Nový Svět

Novy Svet charming street

Brief History:

Formerly the outskirts of Prague Castle, Nový Svět was once home to the poorest class in Prague. This quaint neighborhood consists of picturesque cottages dating back to the mid-14th century. Although many of the homes were rebuilt in the 17th century, the charm has been preserved and unaffected by urban development.

Translated into “New World” in English, Nový Svět surpassed its humble beginnings after World War II, when it won the hearts of filmmakers and artists.

Blogger Thoughts:

Stumbling upon Nový Svět was probably my favorite travel accident to date! It reminded me of a quiet corner of Paris, and is often appropriately referred to as the Montmartre of Prague.

If you’re in the Prague Castle District, there’s absolutely no excuse not to pay this little gem a visit!

PHOTO TIP: This is one of the rare Prague Instagram spots that doesn’t require an early wake up for a good shot. In fact, I shot all of my pictures at about 4 PM and probably saw a whopping total of five people.

Also, you can afford to get a bit more creative when shooting, since this area is quiet and uncrowded. I set up my tripod in the middle of the street and only had to move it a few times for passing cars. 

I recommend following the winding streets and exploring all this little neighborhood has to offer. If you love cobblestone streets, quaint architecture, and charming windows, there are many photo opportunities to be had here!

Novy Svet Cottage
Nový Svět Red Apartment
Nový Svět window

How to Get Here:

If you’re coming from Prague Castle, stand with your back facing the Prague Castle entrance. Cross through Hradčanské Square and take Kanovnická Street a couple of blocks until hitting the street Nový Svět.

If you’re traveling by tram, I recommend taking the 22 or 23 to Pohořelec. When you leave the tram, cross the street heading into an arched hallway. You’ll walk about 100 meters and then turn left past the parking lot. You’ll walk past Černín Palace (on your left) and make your way down the hill, passing the Church of Our Lady of Loreto on the right. Turn left past the church and head straight down the hill. When you reach the bottom, you’ll find New World Street to the right.

The address of Nový Svět is 118 00 Praha 1-Hradčany, Czechia. GPS coordinates are 50.090936° N, 14.3913861° E.

Nerudova Street

Nerudova Street Prague

Brief History:

Close to the Nový Svět neighborhood is the stunning Nerudova Street in the Prague Castle District. This street is sometimes called Kings Road and/or Royal Way, and was named after Jan Neruda, a famous Czech journalist.

Homes used to have symbols above their doorways, representative of their residents’ professions. They were later numbered in 1770.

This street runs through the Castle District, linking the castle all the way to Charles Bridge.

Blogger Thoughts:

Outside of shooting here, I can recommend Pizza Pasta Café for a casual and affordable Italian meal. I had a margarita pie all to myself and there wasn’t any left by the end!

PHOTO TIP: Get here early! I didn’t start shooting until about 10 AM, and if it wasn’t for Photoshop, I would have been severely photobombed. Ideally, arrive before 9 AM, as that’s when the castle doors open and tours begin. You could also come by after 5 PM, when the main tours end and crowds tend to thin out.

You may also find that the best views are sometimes waiting right behind you! I originally came across the spot below by taking the steep hill on the left down.

I set up my tripod at the bottom of the steps to shoot up. When I got into place, I realized the best view was waiting for me on the other side!

Nerudova Street Views

How to Get Here:

Nerudova Street is right by Prague Castle, so if you’re walking to the castle, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. 

You’ll either walk up this street heading toward the castle or down the street when you leave the main gate of the castle, depending on which way you’re coming from.

The full address of Nerudova Street is Nerudova ulice, Praha 1 – Malá Strana. GPS coordinates are 50.0885142° N, 14.3993608° E.

Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill View

Blogger Thoughts:

Petrin Hill is a literal breath of fresh air and my favorite area in all of Prague. While the park as a whole isn’t exactly hidden gem status, there are tons of little underrated spots encased within.

This hillside park has beautiful secluded gardens, panoramic city views, and a funicular that climbs up to Petrin Tower, a 63.5-meter replica of the Eiffel Tower.

There’s even a restaurant with killer views on the side of Petrin Hill, which I regret to say I missed out on.

If you’re looking to swap crowds for trees and tourist chatter for songbird tweeting, you won’t want to miss a visit here.

PHOTO TIP: There are so many photo opportunities here! The most obvious is to showcase the sweeping views over Prague.

If greenery is more of your thing, wander through the park and look for ways to get some creative nature shots.

My favorite spot was the worn-out brick wall below with the beautiful view. It’s a bit tricky to describe precisely how to get here (as there aren’t streets within the park), but I’ll do my best.

If you’re circling within the park, you may notice a steep incline leading up to some houses. These appear to be private. If you head the opposite way (down the hill), this view is on the left. I first thought this spot was closed off, since it’s a bit separate from all the green lawns.

Petrin Hill brick wall
Petrin Hill Views
Petrin Hill nature
Petrin Hill forest

How to Get Here:

To reach the top of Petrin Hill, you can walk through its gardens or take the funicular from Újezd Street. Trams 9, 12, 15, 20, and 22 will all get you there, as will night trams 57, 58, 59, and 91.

Personally, I got so distracted by the photo opportunities that I never actually made it up the tower (oops).

However, if you’d like to take in the panoramic views from Petrin Tower, check out this resource for funicular hours of operation.

The address for the funicular is Újezd 118 00 Praha 1 – Malá Strana. GPS coordinates are 50° 04′ 33.00° N,  14° 23′ 28.79° E.

Jubilee Synagogue

Jubilee Synagogue Prague

Brief History:

Jubilee Synagogue is the largest (and youngest) synagogue in Prague. It was built in a Moorish/Art Nouveau style back in 1906 and named after the Silver jubilee of Emperor Franz Joseph I.

Blogger Thoughts:

Jubilee Synagogue was by far the most colorful building I’ve seen on my travels! It was also my favorite of the Prague Instagram spots I shared on Instagram.

Most had never seen it before – let alone heard of it – giving it true hidden gem status.

Instagram Jubilee Synagogue
Instagram comments on Jubilee Synagogue Prague
Instagram comments on Jubilee Synagogue Prague
Instagram comments on Jubilee Synagogue Prague

PHOTO TIP: Finding the right angle to capture the whole building can be a bit tricky. You’ll definitely want to place your tripod low to the ground and angle it up (or have someone shoot up at you from across the street).

I found that elevating myself helped, but do be careful not to lose your balance if you do.

This area of the city gets a bit crowded with tourists starting around 8 AM, so try to get an early start.

How to Get Here:

It takes about twelve minutes to get here on foot from the Old Town Square. If you’re taking public transportation, take Tram 3, 9, 14, 24 or 91 to the Jindrisska stop. For metro transport, take the green line to the Mustek stop. Drivers will find the closest parking on Millenium Plaza, V Celnici 10.

If you’re planning to come inside for a religious service or to admire this cultural/exhibition space, basic adult admission is 100 CZK ($4.40 USD). Be advised that Jubilee Synagogue is closed on Saturdays & Jewish holidays.

As you can see, for every iconic sight in this city, there are equally beautiful off-the-beaten path Prague Instagram spots.

Speaking of, if you’d like to visit the more well-known sights of the city, be sure to check out my companion Instagram guide. In it, I include six top Prague Instagram spots plus two free bonus locations, available by download.

Have you had a chance to visit this fairytale city yet? What hidden gems did you discover? Let me know in the comments below!

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Top Prague Instagram Spots: Hidden Gems
Top Prague Instagram Spots: Hidden Gems
Top Prague Instagram Spots: Hidden Gems
Top Prague Instagram Spots Hidden Gems
Top Prague Instagram Spots Hidden Gems
Prague hidden gems

10 thoughts on “Top Prague Instagram Spots: Hidden Gems

  1. Prague does look like a fantastic place for photos.

    The Jubilee Synagogue is particularly gorgeous. It is a shame you didn’t make it to the restaurant on Petrin Hill. that sounds lovely too. Ah well, next time eh!?

    1. Thanks for your comments, Josy 🙂 Prague really is a photographer’s dream! I am planning a return trip, so I’m hoping to check out the restaurant next time 😉 I was a little distracted by all of the photos I wanted and it was my last day there, so I couldn’t fit it all in the first time around 🙂

  2. Prague is so gorgeous!! The patterns in the stone work are some of my favorites because I think most people miss them. I know I did on our first trip to Prague! Isn’t amazing how empty the city is before 10am (aside for the wall of photographers on the Charles Bridge at day break, lol….)?? It’s so peaceful and beautiful! I also love it at night, especially around Prague Castle. It reminds me of a fairy tale!

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