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20 Instagram-Worthy Savannah Photo Spots You Can’t Miss

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Finding the best Savannah photo spots won’t be a challenge, as the city is a photographer’s dream.

While almost every street provides an Instagram-worthy opportunity, I’ve compiled 20 of the most photogenic spots to get you started.

Fortunately, Savannah is pedestrian-friendly and impeccably laid out (thanks, James Oglethorpe!), so you can reach most of these locations on foot.

That said, a few spots will require a car, but only a short amount of driving.

Reference this photo guide alongside my detailed three-day city itinerary and you’ll be ready to discover the best of Savannah!

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Savannah photo spots

20 Savannah Photo Spots You’ll Want to Capture

1. Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is super “Instagrammable” and everyone in the city knows it!

In fact, as one of the most popular Savannah photo spots, it’s rare you’ll find it empty, especially when it’s sunny.

That said, it’s large – over 30 acres, to be exact – so there’s no shortage of angles to capture.

The highlight is most definitely the Forsyth Park Fountain, the subject of many city photoshoots!

Forsyth Park Fountain

PHOTO TIP: In addition to the “classic” fountain shot, the park also offers a beautiful setting for portraits. To capture the shot below, we used a 50mm prime lens.

girl in pink dress at Forsyth Park, Savannah

How to Get Here:

Forsyth Park is located at 2 W. Gaston Street.

2. Mansion on Forsyth Park

After visiting the park, make sure to stop off at the beautiful Mansion on Forsyth Park, located just across the street.

Mansion on Forsyth Park, Savannah

This striking old-world mansion is one of the city’s most luxurious hotels and a popular wedding venue.

It features everything from an art gallery, to a spa, to a cooking school.

PHOTO TIP: To capture the angle we did, shoot at the intersection of Drayton Street and Hall Street.

While you’re in the area, explore some other Savannah photo spots on Drayton Street.

There are some beautiful homes along this street, such as this turquoise one.

blue house on Drayton Street, Savannah

PHOTO TIP: I recommend photographing private homes from across the street and not lingering out of respect.

How to Get Here:

The Mansion on Forsyth Park is located at 700 Drayton Street.

The home featured above is located at 1002 Drayton Street.

3. Alex Raskin Antiques

If antiquing is your thing (or you love quirky architectural details as much as me), check out Alex Raskin Antiques.

20 Instagram-Worthy Savannah Photo Spots You Can’t Miss

This spot proves that vintage is the new cool, from its ornate railing, to its eye-catching window molding, to the treasures that await inside.

Alex Raskin Antiques entranceway

PHOTO TIP: I recommend capturing the building in full by shooting around 30mm as well as pulling in closer to capture greater detail.

How to Get Here:

Alex Raskin Antiques is located at 441 Bull Street.

4. W Gordon Street

While having an Instagram guide is a time-saver for locating the best Savannah photo spots, sometimes spontaneous finds are the best!

For instance, this colorful row home took me completely by surprise.

Funnily enough, it ended up being one of my favorite streets of the trip!

W Gordon Street, Savannah

The best part is, it’s located just next to Alex Raskin Antiques at 11 W Gordon Street, so it’ll be effortless to find!

PHOTO TIP: I recommend shooting between 30-35mm to capture the full home without cropping the top.

5. Mercer-Williams House

Also in the area is the famous (and allegedly haunted) Mercer-Williams House.

Mercer-Williams House

The property was completed in 1868 and is a popular location for tours and haunted happenings. You can read more about visiting the home and taking a tour here.

PHOTO TIP: While you can get the standard “straight-on” shot in front of the gate, I think the most compelling angle is at the corner.

How to Get Here:

Mercer-Williams House is located at 429 Bull Street.

6. Madison Square

One of the most unique things about Savannah is that the city is organized by squares. There are 22 squares today (formerly 24), and each is unique.

Madison Square – although beautiful – has a dark history.

Madison Square, Savannah

It was named after James Madison and was the former site of the Siege of Savannah during the Revolutionary War.

It’s also believed to be haunted and is one of the common stops on Savannah’s many ghost tours.

How to Get Here:

Madison Square is located on Bull Street, in between Harris Street and Charlton Street.

7. W Harris Street

Right nearby, you’ll find W Harris Street.

The moment I saw this pink façade with pink blooms to match, I was sold!

W Harris Street pink facade with pink blooms

PHOTO TIP: The most compelling angle here is in the center of the street, but do be mindful of passing cars.

Also, avoid standing directly in front of the trees when they’re in bloom. This will appear as though they’re growing out of your head!

How to Get Here:

This pink gem is located at 11 West Harris Street, just west of Madison Square.

8. The Corner of Bull Street & E Macon Street

Alternatively, if you head east past Madison square, you’ll find this beautiful corner framed by Spanish moss.

girl in front of pink house in Savannah

I loved the contrast of the pink pastel façade with the black shutters.

PHOTO TIP: We shot at 50mm to capture more details of the home. However, if you’d like more negative space above the house, I recommend shooting around 35mm.

Consider using the bush in the foreground to frame your shot for more visual interest.

How to Get Here:

This spot is at the intersection of Bull Street and E Macon Street.

9. E Jones Street

Although it’s hard to pick one favorite, E Jones Street is definitely a contender for the prettiest street in Savannah.

Here, you’ll find the most charming block of colorful townhouses in the Historic Landmark District.

E Jones Street

You could easily spend over an hour photographing just this street alone, as each angle and perspective is gorgeous.

PHOTO TIP: Bring a couple of different lenses (or a zoom lens) for versatility here.

E Jones Street house with red door

10. Mirabelle Savannah

When wonderful waffles meet an Insta-worthy interior, you know you’ve struck gold. 

That’s just what you’ll find at Mirabelle Savannah – a spot just as nice on the eyes as it is on the taste buds!

This darling, Belgian-inspired café specializes in mouth-watering liege waffles.

liege waffles at Mirabelle Savannah

The aesthetic here was absolutely adorable and reminded me of a French café.

Mirabelle cafe table
Mirabelle Savannah seating area

PHOTO TIP: To get your pictures without people in them, you’ll want to get here around opening (8AM). Once the day picks up, so will the patrons!

I recommend shooting with a wide angle lens around 20mm.

How to Get Here:

Mirabelle is located at 313 Abercorn Street.

11. Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist

You don’t have to be a religious person to appreciate the beauty of the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist.

Cathedral Basilica of Saint John the Baptist

Located just across the street from Mirabelle Savannah, this striking cathedral is one of the city’s most impressive jewels.

PHOTO TIP: The cathedral feels even more enormous in real life than it does in pictures! If you have difficulty capturing it from Mirabelle, try shooting from Lafayette Square, the next spot on our list!

How to Get Here:

 The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist is located at 222 E Harris Street.

12. Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square is easily my favorite and arguably the most romantic in Savannah.

Lafayette Square, Savannah

The square itself is undeniably beautiful, but it’s made even more special by the peacefulness of the surrounding neighborhood.

Although it’s far from the busiest square, it has a quiet charm.

The star of the show is the central fountain, shrouded in Spanish moss.

girl at Lafayette Square fountain

It’s the perfect spot to clear your head, enjoy a good book, or take some photos, of course!

PHOTO TIP: Get creative with your fountain shots! We decided to play around with some new framing techniques to create a mystical effect.

To create a similar mood, have your photographer crouch down and shoot into the surrounding greenery.

How to Get Here:

Lafayette Square is located at the intersection of Charleton Street and Abercorn Street (201 E. Charlton Street).

13. Hamilton-Turner Inn

The picturesque Hamilton-Turner Inn is a former-private-home-turned-luxury-hotel.

Hamilton Turner Inn, Savannah

This stately and historic mansion was originally built in 1873 and combines Italianate and Second Empire architecture.

Although we didn’t stay here, I made a mental note of it for a future trip!

FUN FACT: Hamilton-Turner Inn was featured in the film “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”

How to Get Here:

Hamilton-Turner Inn is located at 330 Abercorn Street.

14. Rainbow Row

Rainbow Row is a must for the pastel-lovers.

This adorable little block features a colorful set of row homes, each adorned with pastel shutters.

Rainbow Row, Savannah

While many people knock it for being inferior to its Charleston “competitor,” I prefer to appreciate the individual beauty of each.

Although the Savannah version is considerably smaller, it still photographs beautifully.

girl with bike at Rainbow Row, Savannah

PHOTO TIP: Incorporate props! Props are a simple way to make your photos more compelling. For instance, we included my cruiser bike, bike basket, and fresh flowers to add visual interest. Be sure to check out my ultimate guide of photoshoot props for some creative inspiration!

Unfortunately, this street faces the same issue as Rainbow Row in Charleston – direct sunlight. Try to shoot around sunrise, sunset, or when its overcast to avoid harsh shadows.

How to Get Here:

Rainbow Row is located at 508 E Bryan Street.

15. The Olde Pink House

The Olde Pink House is a must-see – and a must-taste – while in Savannah.

This bubble-gum-pink colonial mansion is too good to pass up, whether you’re filling your memory card, your belly, or both!

girl in floral dress at the Olde Pink House, Savannah

In fact, you can read more about this special restaurant experience and what to order in my three-day Savannah itinerary.

PHOTO TIP: There are numerous angles you can try here, so play around! I recommend shooting from across the street at or around 35mm to capture more of the mansion in the frame.

Alternatively, the pink façade can also be a beautiful backdrop for portrait shots, if you prefer to shoot just in front of the steps.

How to Get Here:

You’ll find The Olde Pink House at 23 Abercorn Street.

16. The Paris Market and Brocante

To experience a taste of Europe in Savannah, you must pay a visit to the Paris Market and Brocante.

The Paris Market interior

The design of this Insta-worthy gem was inspired by a Parisian flea market.

The Paris Market, Savannah

From collectibles and home décor to tasty French treats, this spot is the pick-me-up you need after a long day of exploring.

PHOTO TIP: Both the exterior and interior can serve as a beautiful backdrop for your French-inspired photoshoot.

I recommend wandering inside first and then ordering a treat and capturing it outside at one of the cute café tables.

17. The Riverwalk

Savannah’s Riverwalk could fill a whole day within itself.

This popular waterfront area was once home to cotton warehouses.

Today, River Street features over 75 businesses ranging from restaurants, to boutiques, to art galleries.

This lively area is especially popular at sundown and is a great place to dine on the water.

There are a couple of options for photos here, from a bridge shot to an iconic picture with The Georgia Queen herself.

Savannah Riverfront

If you wish to explore the city by water, be sure to check out my three-day city itinerary to see the available cruising options.

PHOTO TIP: This area is prettiest at sundown. I recommend getting here around golden hour and capturing a shot with The Georgia Queen. A lower aperture will create more depth and a dreamier shot.

How to Get Here:

You can check out a map of Savannah’s Waterfront here.

18. The Attic Antiques

Tucked away behind the main action on River Street, you’ll find The Attic Antiques.

While this spot doesn’t look like much from the parking lot, once you walk up to it, you’ll quickly see the appeal.

That’s because this quirky antique store has multiple levels, which can make for some cool shooting angles.

Attic Antiques, Savannah

PHOTO TIP: I recommend shooting from the ledge in front of the store to get the best perspective. Just be careful if you decide to pop up here for a picture.

Shoot at or around 30mm (or as low as about 20mm) if you want a broader perspective.

After snapping a picture, take a moment to window shop or do some browsing inside. This charming store specializes in vintage costume jewelry.

How to Get Here:

The Attic Antiques is located at 224 W Bay Street.

It can be tricky to find, as the shops on Bay Street’s river side are behind small lots off the main road. You’ll need to pull off of Bay Street proper into one of the small lots to find Attic Antiques, which overlooks the river.

19. The Gingerbread House

If you have a car, I recommend traveling a bit outside the city center to visit The Gingerbread House.

Not only does this property sound like something out of a storybook; it’s actually a wedding venue!

The Gingerbread House

The Gingerbread House dates back to 1899 and is one of the most famous spots in Savannah’s Historic District.

FUN FACT: This unique house is considered one of the best examples of Steamboat Gothic architecture in the United States.

PHOTO TIP: Shoot from across the street at or around 35mm.

Alternatively, if you want to capture a portrait shot in front of the house, have your photographer crouch down and angle the camera upward.

How to Get Here:

The Gingerbread House is located at 1921 Bull Street.

There’s a lot across the street where you can leave your car if on-street parking isn’t available.

20. Wormsloe Historic Site

I hesitated to include Wormsloe Historic Site – Georgia’s oldest plantation – on this list of Savannah photo spots.

As beautiful as it is, I don’t want to downplay its history or reduce it to a mere Instagram photo opportunity.

The property represents so much more than a backdrop for a photo, and I encourage you to read my three-day Savannah itinerary for greater context.

However, I also felt I would be amiss in omitting this location altogether, considering it’s one of the most significant sites in Savannah.

Wormsloe Historic Site, Savannah

Ultimately, I think it’s important to educate ourselves beyond snapping a quick photo.

That said, the property is truly special and well worth a visit, provided you have a car.

FUN FACT: Wormsloe has been featured in the film “The General’s Daughter,” starring John Travolta.

PHOTO TIP: Get here at or around opening at 9AM. This site is incredibly popular, so you may not be able to capture the famous tree-lined entranceway without people if you arrive too late.

I recommend shooting with a telephoto lens (around 100mm).

I hope this collection of Savannah photo spots has inspired you to create some compelling content around this beautiful city.

While this guide is a starting point for your photographic endeavors, I’d also encourage you to explore off-the-beaten path.

In fact, I hope to return one day to add more gems to this list!

Have you ever visited this stunning Georgia city? What were some of your favorite Savannah photo spots? Let me know in the comments below!

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Savannah photo spots
Savannah photo spots
Savannah photo spots

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