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What to Do In & Around the 9th Arrondissement of Paris

One of the liveliest areas in all of Paris, the 9th arrondissement is commonly known for the impressive Palais Garnier – and for being a little risqué.

Home to the Moulin Rougue, funky restaurants, and more than its fair share of adult shops, this area is boldly unapologetic and highly refreshing.

Here’s a look at my favorite experiences from a short (yet memorable) stay in and around the 9th arrondissement.

International Travel

A Colorful Stay at Hotel Sacha in Paris

When I first discovered Hotel Sacha online, my little actor heart was thumping with joy. A hotel designed to look like a black box theater? In Paris? Sign me up!

It was unique, it was imaginative, it was unlike anything I’d ever seen. I just had to experience it for myself. So, with my husband and a carry-on in tow, that’s exactly what I did.