Most Breathtaking Places to Experience Fall in The Berkshires

Fall in The Berkshires is an experience not to be missed. After all, I should know. I almost missed it. Despite the fact that New England’s become my go-to travel region, I was late to hop The Berkshires bandwagon. I thought I’d completed this year’s Massachusetts “checklist” after recently visiting some towns North of Boston as well…

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What to Do on Nantucket to Avoid the 15 Worst Rookie Mistakes

In sharing what to do on Nantucket, I thought it would be best to start with what not to do first. Allow me to explain. My brief trip to Nantucket with a friend of mine was not one of my finer moments. From the opening of this farce to the final act, it was practically a textbook example of what not to replicate on a trip. In just eight hours, we…

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Most Instagrammable Towns North of Boston

My husband and I recently escaped to some charming towns north of Boston on a quick weekend getaway. This was our first trip outside of Connecticut (our home) and New York (where my husband’s shop is) since January. In fact, our last real trip was to Vermont in January – back when we had high hopes for 2020! However, as we all know, sometimes life…

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