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How to Improve Tourism & Help Support the Struggling Travel Industry

Although the entire world is affected by the current pandemic, the travel industry has been one of the most monumentally impacted.

As a result, the question of how to improve tourism in the future is at the forefront of many travelers’ minds right now.

Unfortunately, the future of travel is still largely uncertain.

Perhaps people will be reluctant and fearful to leave their homes once travel picks up again.

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15 Ways Successful Travel Bloggers Build Blog Momentum When They’re Not Traveling

It’s a hard time to be a travel blogger.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to discuss the C-word in any meaningful way nor provide any medical advice whatsoever in this article.

First off, I’m in no way qualified to do so, and secondly, I prefer to stay in my own lane.

Instead, I’m going to talk about something I have first-hand experience with: Building blog momentum when you’re not traveling.

Travel Planning

How to Successfully Pitch Hotel Collaborations & Land Free Stays

As a travel blogger, every trip is essentially a “work trip,” regardless of if you’re getting paid, doing hotel collaborations, or fully funding your own travels.

Your career depends on documentation, whether it’s nailing Instagram shots, writing stellar blogs, recording drone footage, or a combination thereof.

So what if you could leverage your content creation skills and influence to promote hotels while also reducing travel costs?

Travel Planning

How I Plan My Trips

When it comes to planning trips, some cringe at the thought while others relish the opportunity.

I happen to fall into the second category myself, which I suppose comes with the territory of being a classic Type A personality. I’ve always been detail-oriented by nature, so the idea of researching, planning, and putting all the little pieces of a trip together sort of excites me.

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My Favorite Summer Travel Accessories

My favorite season is just around the corner, and I’m already dreaming of sandy toes, tan lines, and far-off destinations…

As I’m finalizing plans to quell my wanderlust this summer, I thought I’d take a minute to share the travel accessories that’ll be making their way into my carry-on very soon.

Do any of these make your list?