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Top Instagram Spots in Assos Village, Kefalonia

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Assos village in Kefalonia, Greece is an Instagrammer’s dream.

This relatively undiscovered paradise offers content creators unique vantage points and plenty of opportunities to stand out on the gram.

You’ll appreciate how easy this uncrowded village is to explore and photograph. Gone are the days of waking up obscenely early or competing with throngs of tourists to capture those Insta-worthy shots.

Just grab your camera, plenty of extra batteries, and a smile as we discover the most Instagrammable locations in Assos village!

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View from Linardos Apartments in Assos, Kefalonia

Why Assos Village Is a Photographer’s Dream

You Don’t Need to Be a Morning Person

Before we launch into the top Instagram locations for Assos village, I wanted to emphasize why this area is truly unique for content creators.  

Every serious Instagrammer knows that the early bird gets the shot, especially in major metropolitan cities.

Yep, there’s no denying that waking up at the (butt)crack of dawn is a surefire way to get those high-performing Instagram shots without the pesky tourist photobombs.

I should know, I literally wrote the guide on where to find Prague’s most iconic Instagram spots – and where to shoot the city’s hidden gems as well.

Now, all of this is well and good except for one small factor. Not everyone (myself included) is a morning person.

For the record, I fake it moderately well while I’m traveling. My husband’s still not convinced. I digress.

Here’s where Assos village comes in. When I say this place is remote, I don’t say it lightly. I’m talking about one-hundred-residents-in-total kind of remote.

As a result, you won’t need to get up at a painfully early hour just to nail those Instagram shots. In fact, every picture in this guide where I’m wearing the orange dress was shot in the late afternoon.

Views from Assos, Kefalonia

All other shots were technically taken in the morning, but not to avoid crowds. We simply had to cut our photo session short on the day we arrived due to a torrential downpour. The next morning was our final chance to get photos before leaving for Chania and Agia Pelagia, Crete.

Our Assos Castle shots were taken in the morning as well, but that was simply because we wanted to do a morning hike.

Everything Is Within Walking Distance

Since most Instagram guides are written for major cities, you’ll usually have to plan out how you’ll travel from one location to the next.

This will either involve a ton of walking, hopping on public transportation, or figuring out where you’re going to park your car.

Fortunately, none of this planning will be necessary in Assos village. That’s because everything on this list – with the exception of Assos Castle – is within a quarter mile of each other. Yes, you read that right!

Once you’re in Assos, you can literally walk to every single location on this list. Pretty sweet, right?

That means you can spend more time perfecting those shots and less time packing up and scrambling to the next location.

You Can Create Truly Unique Content

One of the most significant benefits of photographing a remote Greek gem like Assos Village is the opportunity to create something truly unique.

Instagram is so saturated with Paris content, for example, that people start to tune it out after a while.

Don’t get me wrong, Paris is still my favorite city, but it’s incredibly challenging to create original content in one of the world’s most photographed locations.

In Assos, you can create content that most have never seen before, in a place they may never have even heard of. Talk about being a content trailblazer!

You can be one of the first to experiment, finding the most interesting angles and perspectives. In the process, you can help bring attention to a previously underserved destination and possibly even help prevent overtourism in some more popular destinations.

How to Best Navigate to These Locations

Assos village is unique in that it doesn’t have specific street addresses like the larger cities. This may seem a bit off-putting, but not to worry, I’ve made it ridiculously easy for you to find every single location on this list.

I’ve provided Google Plus code addresses and/or GPS coordinates for each location. To navigate, simply type these codes/coordinates directly into Google Maps to pinpoint the destinations on this list.

You’ll also notice that most of the locations on this list don’t have official names (other than Assos Castle and Assos Beach), as they’re not famous sites. As a result, I’ve taken the liberty of naming them so that you’ll have a quick reference point for your visit.

So without further ado, I give you the top Instagram spots in Assos village!

Best Instagram Locations in Assos Village, Kefalonia

1. Periwinkle House

As we explored the streets of Assos, I felt like we landed in Candy Land!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know I’m a total pastel fanatic. Just put me on a colorful street, hand me a camera, and I’m satisfied!

How cute is this periwinkle house?

Periwinkle home in Assos Village, Kefalonia

How to Get Here:

This picture-perfect periwinkle house is just uphill from the Sea Path Apartments. You can find the Google Plus code and GPS coordinates for these apartments below.

FUN FACT: Please be advised that the periwinkle house wasn’t built at the time the Google street view was taken. You’ll notice an empty lot if you view it online.

Google Plus Code: 9GGQ+R9 Asos, Έρισος, Greece
GPS Coordinates: 38.377085° N, 20.538602° E

2. Staircase Across from the Periwinkle House

As a photography enthusiast, I adore staircases because of the creative opportunities they afford.

You can take advantage of leading lines, play with angles, and incorporate levels to make your photography more compelling.

Staircase in Assos village, Kefalonia
Assos, Kefalonia staircase

How to Get Here:

As the photos indicate, the staircase is just across the street from the periwinkle house.

GPS Coordinates: 38.377161° N, 20.538487° E

3. Pink House with the Blue Door

Colorful homes of Assos village

 This pink home was my favorite in all of Assos! Can you say Barbie dream house?

How to Get Here:

 The pink house is located just across from the staircase mentioned above.

GPS Coordinates: 38.377278° N, 20.538632° E

4. Yellow House with the Blue Door

Yellow home in Assos Village, Kefalonia

Right next door to the pretty pink home, you’ll find this one.

Despite the beige appearance of this home, it’s actually a pastel yellow. The more neutral look is simply a result of my editing style.

How to Get Here:

GPS Coordinates: 38.377282° N, 20.538736° E

5. Staircase Leading to Assos Beach

This staircase will take you down to peaceful Assos Beach. The beautiful flowers and greenery make for a perfect photo opportunity!

Staircase to Assos Beach

How to Get Here:

You’ll find this staircase just to the right of the yellow house from above.

GPS Coordinates: 38.377346° N, 20.539215° E

6. Assos Beach

This pebbly, uncrowded beach offers visitors clear water, beautiful mountain views, and easy access to the area’s tavernas.

Assos Beach, Kefalonia

You can read more about this beautiful beach in my comprehensive Assos guide.

How to Get Here:

Google Plus Code: 9GHQ+4Q Asos, Έρισος, Greece
GPS Coordinates: 38.377756° N, 20.539458° E

7. Assos Village Lookout Point

This off-the-beaten-path spot offers one of my favorite views in all of Assos.

I loved it so much that my husband took a few shots of me alone here and then jumped in for a (very rare) couple shot!

Views from Assos, Kefalonia
Top Instagram Spots in Assos Village, Kefalonia
Romantic couple shot in Assos, Kefalonia

That said, this location is definitely not immediately obvious if you don’t know it’s here.

PRO TIP: To create this composition, you’ll need to do a bit of climbing! There’s a steep, short set of stairs built into the hill that overlooks this point. Be careful once you reach the top, as there are no guard rails or barriers of any kind. We carefully placed our tripod near the edge of the overlook and angled it downwards to shoot from above.

How to Get Here:

You’ll find this spot roughly 50-100 feet up from the walking path that begins by the waterfront restaurants.

GPS Coordinates: 38.378593° N, 20.539585° E

8. Balcony of Linardos Apartments

If you wish to capture some Instagram shots at Linardos Apartments, you’ll need to book a stay here. The private balcony you see here can only be accessed by renting a room.

Linardos Apartments balcony view in Assos village

You can read more details about our stay at Linardos Apartments in my Assos guide.

How to Get Here:

Google Plus Code: 9GGQ+WM Asos, Έρισος, Greece
GPS Coordinates: 38.377248° N, 20.539137° E

9. Mountain View Across from Linardos Apartments

One of the things I love most about Assos (and Kefalonia in general) is just how mountainous it is.

You can capture some truly beautiful mountain views with gorgeous flowers here.

Mountain views from Assos, Kefalonia

FUN FACT: I had to stand on the wall for my husband to capture this shot. Be careful if you do the same! Otherwise, you may wish to remain on the ground level.

How to Get Here:

This spot is conveniently located across the street from Linardos Apartments and slightly downhill from Assos Paradise Inn.

GPS Coordinates: 38.377102° N, 20.538732° E
Google Plus Code: 9GGQ+RR Asos, Έρισος, Greece

10. Assos Castle

Assos Castle is the major attraction in this village. In order to reach it, you’ll need to hike for about an hour up a steep hill. You can read more about Assos Castle and its interesting history in my guide.

You’ll want to stop off as you hike to capture some incredible views like we did.

Assos Castle hiking path view

Be sure to snap a shot once you reach the top as well!

View from the Top of Assos Castle in Kefalonia

How to Get Here:

Hiking Path:

Google Plus Code: 9GGQ+W3 Asos, Έρισος, Greece
GPS: 38.377080° N, 20.537739° E

Main Gate of Assos Castle:

GPS Coordinates: 38.381929° N, 20.534057° E

11. View Overlooking the Village Homes

When we first arrived in Assos, I went frantically in search of the view you see below.

Beautiful Assos village, Kefalonia

Let me just say – this vantage point wasn’t easy to find!

After walking around for a bit, the closest view I could find was obstructed by a hideously ugly drain pipe. Here’s a screenshot of said drainpipe from the Instagram story I recorded.

Assos view with drainpipe

You can read more about this weird (and disappointing) first impression in my  complete guide to Assos village.

Fortunately, we later discovered a lesser-known road that led up to the prime photo spot. We were able to capture it in all of its glory on our final morning in Assos.

Assos village view in Kefalonia

It was definitely worth the wait!

How to Get Here:

The GPS coordinates for this viewpoint are: 38.378940° N, 20.539952° E.

The easiest way to access this point is to walk up the road to the right and rear of Costa’s Supermarket (Google Plus Code 9GHR+8C Asos, Έρισος, Greece).

Walk up and around the first switch-back in the road. The viewpoint is located across the street from the Romanza Studios (Google Plus Code: 9GHQ+HX Asos, Έρισος, Greece). The Romanza Studios will be on your left, about 500ft up the road from Costa’s Supermarket.

12. Main Parking Lot

Who knew a parking lot could offer such beautiful views?

This one and only lot in Assos not only offers free parking, but some stellar photo opportunities as well!

The best part is, shot correctly, no one will be able to tell you were standing in a parking lot!

View from Assos village parking lot

How to Get Here:

Google Plus Code: 9GGQ+Q6 Asos, Έρισος, Greece
GPS Coordinates: 38.376912° N, 20.538023° E

As you can see, Assos village offers some spectacular views that make for great photo opportunities. This relatively undiscovered paradise is ideal for content creators looking to shoot some fresh, inspirational photographs.

I hope this guide comes in handy as you plan your trip to this picturesque Greek gem!

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